Clinic Hours 

​Monday-Friday                       8a-7p

Saturday                                  9a-5p

Sunday                                   11a-5p​

Mobile Event Hours

Thursday & Friday               3p-6p

Saturday                              10a-4p

Sunday                                 11a-5p​

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The Shot Spot is a mobile pet vaccination and Zeutering clinic that also provides heartworm testing and preventative, as well as deworming and flea and tick preventative.  In addition, each pet that is seen at The Shot Spot will be examined for their basic health condition and if found to require additional or diagnostic evaluation, we will refer you to a local full service hospital in your area. 

The Shot Spot is affiliated with The Pet Vet @ Petco, a full service hospital located near the corner of Eldorado and the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco, Texas.  The Pet Vet has served the Frisco area for 5 years and the veterinarians have served the North Texas area for over 70 years combined.  At The Pet Vet, you will find knowledgeable, compassionate professionals who will offer you thorough diagnostics including digital x-ray and on site lab capabilities, and a modern, state of the art surgical suite inclusive of surgical laser and sophisticated monitoring equipment.  Cold laser therapy and orthopedic procedures as well as sick patient care and wellness plans are available.

The Shot Spot and The Pet Vet are dedicated to helping those who can't help themselves and have provided several methods to fit every pet parent's budget, including low cost programs and the Healthy Pet Advantage Health Plan. We both also offer Care Credit and pet insurance plans. 

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Taking the SIT a​nd STAY out of pet care

New Full Service Clinic Address

1827 W Louisiana St McKinney, TX 75069

We would like to thank our location partners.  Check our calendarand find us at one of these locations.

Our Teams

The Shot Spot began as a mobile low cost pet vaccination and non-surgical neutering clinic. We provide vaccinations for dogs and cats, heartworm tests and preventative medications, micro chipping, flea and tick products, prescription diets, and non surgical male dog sterilization in a safe, friendly, efficient, time and money saving environment. 

Along with our trucks, we now have a full service clinic in McKinney, TX located at 1827 W Louisiana St.  In our clinic we will offer a full scope of services and procedures including full exams, dental cleanings, surgery, traditional neutering and spays, growth removals, and more.  We also have an in house lab where we can run diagnostics and blood work.

It is our goal to overcome perceived road blocks to the basic care of your furry friends and help to prevent disease and save lives while helping to minimize the overpopulation of pets.